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One of the most exciting moments in an entrepreneurial journey is reaching the stage when you’re ready to select a website theme for your website. Your website is your digital headquarters. It’s where your audience finds you, connects with you, and buys from you. It determines the look and feel of your brand, so choosing a website theme is really important.

There are thousands among thousands of website themes to choose from, so how do you know which one is right for you? 


There are WordPress themes that are free to use and others that come with a small investment. 

The apparent advantage of using a free WordPress theme is that it’s free. Free themes can be particularly useful for anyone creating a personal blog, but make sure you research the customization options before choosing a free website theme. Free themes usually come with fewer customization options compared to a premium or paid theme.

Deciding to use a Premium WordPress theme is almost always worth the investment. Often, premium themes are easier to customize, better coded, more feature-rich, more visually appealing, and more professional. Additionally, premium themes generally come with developer support.

In addition to paying for a premium WordPress theme, you may have additional costs for the theme to work on your website. For example, some themes require the Genesis Framework. The Genesis framework is usually purchased separately from your premium theme. Other themes, like Divi by Elegant Themes, use comprehensive front-end builders to customize the look of your site.

Theme Features 

Many WordPress themes are designed to serve a particular industry. Themes have features that are specific to photographers, restaurants, retail stores, etc. Premium WordPress themes are available for just about every type of use, business, or cause. So when selecting a theme for your website or blog, consider finding a theme that matches what you or what you offer.

Once you start narrowing down the themes you like the most, look for the specific features that each theme offers. If you need a website with a landing page, eCommerce, portfolio, and blog, you’ll want to make sure that you can achieve that with your theme before buying it.

The best way to check out these features is to view the demo theme. The demo will show you what the live theme looks like to see how the theme can work for you. Doing this will help you determine if the theme will work for your business.

Pro Tip: View the theme demo on multiple devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) to test the theme’s responsiveness. Your website theme should look just as clean on a mobile device as it does on a desktop. If you see formatting issues on the demo on a smaller screen, your website visitors would likely see similar problems if you install that theme on your own website.

Quality of support 

After choosing a website theme, it’s common to have questions while customizing it with your content.  As you make your final decision on a theme, look for the type of post-purchase support that you will be able to access. 

Support comes in many ways—email, online forums with other buyers, live chat and help center articles. It’s important to know what type of support you’ll have if you need some help. 

You should also verify how long you’ll have access to theme support. More and more companies are beginning to offer lifetime email support alongside a help center content library. There are still some theme providers that provide free support for the first six months or the first year and then offer to extend your theme support for an additional fee. 

Finally, look at the theme documentation to ensure that it isn’t vague or too complicated for you to follow. If you can’t find the theme documentation on the shop page, you can always contact the theme provider and request access to it.

Finding the perfect premium WordPress theme can be challenging, but when you know what you’re looking for, it can also be a lot of fun. So do some research; roll up your sleeves, and enjoy the process. Go out and have fun choosing a website theme that will complement your brand and give you a fabulous online presence.