Clubhouse is the newest app to join the family of social media channels in 2020. The invitation-only app is currently available for iPhone users during its Beta.

It’s an audio-only networking platform. There are no image feeds, status updates, or videos. The app features different rooms (also referred to as “clubhouses”) that you can join to listen to conversations with other app users.

Think of Clubhouse as a large convention, and each breakout room has a different conversation that you can join as a listener. You can also create a “room” to host your own discussions. 

Getting started on Clubhouse

After you accept an invitation, there are a few things that you can do to get started on the app. 

Create a bio.

Your bio will be an essential element of your Clubhouse profile. The text in your bio is searchable in the app. Use keywords that identify you as a coach, the industry you serve, and who your audience is. 

The interface in the Clubhouse app is a text-only editor, but you can write your bio in another app like Notes or Evernote. This way, you can add emojis and other text elements and paste your text into your Clubhouse profile. 

Connect with clients and contacts.

As you get started with the app, you can add other Clubhouse users from your phone’s contact list. Follow your contacts and your potential clients. 

Create a club.

You can create a club of your own that serves as a smaller or niche community within the app. Other Clubhouse users can join your club as a member or follower.

As a coach, this is an excellent way to build a community for your audience.

To start your own club, you are required to host at least one conversation in a room on a consistent, ongoing basis. After you host your three recurring discussions, you can submit a Club Request Form (

Leveraging Clubhouse as a Coach

Once you become familiar with the Clubhouse app, it’s time to look at how you can use it for your coaching business. 

Host a discussion.

Start a room to discuss a popular topic in your industry. As the speaker, you can choose a topic that you have already written about on your blog, or you can discuss something new or trending.

Host a weekly Q&A with clients.

Ask your audience and clients to submit questions that you can answer in a clubhouse room. You can also take live questions from other attendees in your room. 

Host a panel discussion.

Invite other leaders in your industry to speak about a trending topic that’s important to your potential clients. Have questions ready ahead of time and share them with the panelists so that they can prepare.

Inviting other industry professionals to your panel will expose a new audience of potential coaching clients. 

Clubhouse Tips for Success

Clubhouse is unlike any other social media app. To be successful, do these three things: 

  1. Be consistent. Show up on the app 3-4 times a week.
  2. Add value. Give your audience valuable information that they can’t search on Google.
  3. Be authentic. Avoid pitching your services every time you meet someone new. Create relationships and build trust with your Clubhouse audience.